Cheol Park


Portrait of Choel Park from the Advanced Materials and Processing Branch (D307).






Cheol Park (Email: Phone: 757-864-8360)

Senior Research Engineer, Advanced Materials and Processing Branch, Mail Stop 226

NASA Langley Research Center, Hampton VA, 23681 USA



PhD in Macromolecular Science & Engineering, The University of Michigan, Feb. 1997.

BS/MS in Textile Engineering, Seoul National University, Feb. 1987/1989



2014-        Senior Researcher at NASA Langley Research Center

2007-14    Research Fellow at NIA

2003-07    Senior Research Scientist of NIA

2001-02    Senior Staff Scientist of ICASE

2000-01    Staff Scientist of ICASE

1998-00    NRC Research Associate at NASA Langley Research Center

1997-98    Postdoctoral Fellow in Materials Sci & Eng, The University of Michigan

1992-97    GSRA in Materials Science and Engineering, The University of Michigan

1989-90    Second Lieutenant in Korean Army

1987-89    Graduate Research Assistant in Textile Engineering, Seoul National University



The current research activities include boron nitride nanotube and boron carbon nitride nanotube synthesis, purification, dispersion, and structural multifunctional BNNT/BCNNT composite development. Doped chiral polymer metamaterials for optical ranges have been studied. Sensing and actuating capabilities of carbon nanotube or boron nitride nanotube reinforced electroactive polymer nanocomposites have been studied to improve controlled responses upon various external stimuli during aeronautic aviation and space exploration. Intrinsic radiation shielding materials for avionics electronics and space exploration have been developed.

– Boron nitride nanotubes/Carbon nanotubes/Boron carbon nitride nanotubes

– Dispersion of nanotubes

– Multifunctional Nanocomposites for Extreme Space Environments

– Electroactive Smart Materials

– Electrical and dielectric properties of nanocomposites

– Solar absorption/thermal emission control

– Radiation shielding materials

– Doped polymer metamaterials



2019     NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal

2017    National Institute Aerospace Best Publication Award (Electroactive and Radiation Shielding Properties of BNNT Composites)

2016    NASA Government Invention of the Year Award (BNNT)

2016    NASA Exceptional Space Act Award (BNNT)

2015    NASA Group Achievement Award for BNNT Research Team

2010    NASA H. J. E. Reid Award (the best paper award of the year)

2009    NASA Whitcomb and Holloway Technology Transfer Award (Carbon Nanotube dispersion)

2007    Best Mentorship Research Site Award (VA New Horizon Governor’s School)

2005    NASA H. J. E. Reid Award 3rdPlace

2004    NASA Langley R&T Team Award for Carbon Nanotube Nanocomposite Development Team

2004    NASA Langley R&T Team Award for Inherently Conductive Polymers (ICP) & Piezoelectrics for Planetary Vehicles/Explores

2004    NASA Langley R&T Team Award for Advanced Polymers for the MISSE I, II, III, IV, & V  

1997    National Research Council Research Associateship Award

1996    SAMPE Outstanding Graduate Student Award

1989    Korean Government Oversea Scholarship



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