Cheol Park

Portrait of Choel Park from the Advanced Materials and Processing Branch (D307).

Cheol Park (Email: Phone: 757-864-8360)

Senior Research Engineer, Advanced Materials and Processing Branch

NASA Langley Research Center, U


PhD in Macromolecular Science & Engineering, The University of Michigan, Feb. 1997.

BS/MS in Textile Engineering, Seoul National University, Feb. 1987/1989


2014-        Senior Researcher at NASA Langley Research Center

2007-14    Research Fellow at NIA

2003-07    Senior Research Scientist of NIA

2001-02    Senior Staff Scientist of ICASE

2000-01    Staff Scientist of ICASE

1998-00    NRC Research Associate at NASA Langley Research Center

1997-98    Postdoctoral Fellow in Materials Sci & Eng, The University of Michigan

1992-97    GSRA in Materials Science and Engineering, The University of Michigan

1989-90    Second Lieutenant in Korean Army

1987-89    Graduate Research Assistant in Textile Engineering, Seoul National University


The research activities include synthesis of boron nitride nanotubes/carbon nanotubes and development of multifunctional nanocomposites and chiral polymer metamaterials. Expertise in nanotube dispersion, sensing/actuation/electrical properties of nanocomposites, solar absorption/thermal emission materials, supercritical fluid infusion, radiation shielding materials, and thermal protection systems.


2022 NASA Inventor Hall of Fame Induction

2021 NASA Silver Achievement Medal – Group National Pandemic Response Team

2019 NASA Exceptional Scientific Achievement Medal

2016 NASA Government Invention of the Year Award (BNNT)

2010 NASA H. J. E. Reid Award (Best paper award of the year)

2009 NASA Whitcomb and Holloway Technology Transfer Award (Carbon Nanotube dispersion license)

2007 Best Mentorship Research Site Award (VA New Horizon Governor’s School)

1989    Korean Government Oversea Scholarship

Over 30 patents and invention disclosures regarding BNNTs, CNTs, radiation shielding, sensing/actuation materials, thermoelectric, and adhesion: 8 licensed patents

Recent Publications

· Sang-Hyon Chu, Cheol Park, Terryl Wallace, Calista Lum, John Lyons, Donghyun Lee, Junghwan Kim, Seungchan Cho, and Sang-Bok Lee, “B4C-Al Metal Matrix Composites for Extreme Space Environments,” NASA/TM-20230003044 (2023).

· Yingchun Jiang, Ning Li, Zihan Liu, Chenglin Yi, Huimin Zhou, Cheol Park, Catharine C. Fay, Jia Deng, Huck Beng Chew, Changhong Ke, “Exceptionally Strong Boron Nitride Nanotube Aluminum Composite Interfaces,” Extreme Mechanics Letters, 59, 101952 (2023).

· Y. Jiang, N. Li, Z. Liu, C. Yi, H. Zhou, C. Park, C. Fay, J. Deng, H. Chew, and C. Ke, “Exceptionally strongly boron nitride nanotube aluminum composite interfaces,” Extr. Mech. Lett. 59, 101952 (2023).

· N. Bacca, C. Zhang, T. Paul, A. Sukumaran, D. John, S. Rengifo, C. Park, S.-H. Chu, and A. Agarwal, “Tribological and Radiation Properties of Boron Nitride Nanotubes Reinforced Titanium Composites under Lunar Environment,” J. Mater. Res., 37, 4582 (2022).

· N. Anjum, O. Alsmairat, Z. Liu, C. Park, C. Fay, C. Ke, “Mechanical Characterization of Electrospun Boron Nitride Nanotube-Reinforced Polymer Nanocomposite Microfibers,” J. Mater. Res., 37, 4594 (2022).

· C. Ginestra, C. Martínez-Jiménez, A. Yaakobi, O. Dewey, A. Smith McWilliams, J. Acapulco, L. Scammell, M. Smith, D. Kosynkin, D. Marincel, C. Park, S.-H. Chu, Y. Talmon, A. Martí, and M. Pasquali, “Liquid Crystals of Neat Boron Nitride Nanotubes and their Assembly into Ordered Macroscopic Materials,” Nature Communications, 13, 3136 (2022).

· A. Clark, T. Hudson, S. Miller, S. Edrington, C. Park, and C. Protz, “Lightweight Thrust Chamber Composite Overwrap Lessons Learned,” Proceeding of CAMX, Dallas, TX (2021).

· S. Choi, R. Moses, C. Park, C. Fay, and DR. Komar, “Implementation Concept of Operation for a Multi-Purpose Cassegrain Solar Concentrator, Micro-Spectrometers, and Electrostatic Neutralizers to Enable In Situ Construction Activities plus Lunar, Planetary, and Deep Space Science Exploration on the Moon,” NASA-TM 20205009040 (2020).

· C. Dmuchowski, C. Yi, F. Gou, A. Sharma, C. Park, and C. Ke, “Oxidation Weakens Interfaces in Carbon Nanotube Reinforced Titanium Nanocomposites: An in situ Electron Microscopy Nanomechanical Study.” Extreme Mech. Lett., 41, 101045 (2020).

· P. Snapp, C. Cho, D. Lee, S.W. Nam, C. Park, “Tunable Piezoelectricity of Multifunctional Boron Nitride Nanotube/Polydimethylsiloxane Stretchable Composites,” Adv. Materials, 32, 2004607 (2020).

· O. Alsmairat, F. Gou, C. Dmuchowski, P. Chariot, C. Park, R. Miles, C. Ke, “Quantifying the interfacial load transfer in electrospun carbon nanotube polymer nanocomposite microfibers by using in situ Raman micromechanical characterization techniques,” J. Phys. D: Appl. Phys., 53, 36530 (2020).

· H. Cho, J. H. Kim, J. H. Hwang, C. S. Kim, S. G. Jang, C. Park, H. S Lee, and M. J. Kim, “Single- and double-walled boron nitride nanotubes: Controlled synthesis and application for water purification,” Sci. Rep, 10, 7416 (2020).

· J. Kim, H. Cho, T. Pham, J. Hwang, S. Ahn, S. Jang, H. Lee, C. Park, C. Kim, M. Kim, “Dual growth mode of boron nitride nanotubes in high temperature pressure laser ablation,” Sci. Rep. 9, 15674 (2019).

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· Y. Jia, T. Ajayi, J. Morales, M. A. R. Chowdhury, G. Sauti, S.-H. Chu, C. Park, C. Xu, “Exceptional Thermal Properties of Polymer-Derived Ceramic Composites Reinforced with High Volume Fractions of Boron Nitride Nanotube at Elevated Temperature,” J. Am. Cer. Soc. 102, 7584 (2019).

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